17 October 2007

May I Interest You In Some...

I am a person who likes to tick their recipes as they cook them. I enjoy looking over a cookbook peppered with notes and markings - it shows that the book is being used, and loved, not to mention that it shows what recipes I had particular success with. Keeping them pristine and smudge-free just doesn't interest me. While perusing the Supersavers Cookbook for the Cauliflower Bread recipe to tick off, it struck me just how many fantastically awful sounding recipes this book has. After receiving my paternal Grandma's Aunt Daisy cookbook I was particularly taken by some of the recipes - Simple Tart and Wholemeal Prune Surprise being among the more amusing - but the Supersavers Cookbook, despite being published a mere 27 years ago, completely trumps Aunt Daisy. I entirely forgot about looking for the Cauliflower Bread and instead immersed myself in compiling this list of the following recipe titles which actually exist in the book. None are made up...
  • Curried Apple Soup
  • Beef in Fruit Sauce
  • Red Flannel Hash
  • Potted Bloaters
  • Oatmeal and Carrot Soup (might go well with wholemeal gravy, Mum...)
  • Cucumber and Beer Soup
  • Jellied Fish Mould
  • Prune Mousse

And the piece de resistance -

Pigs Hearts A L'Orange!

What the!?

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  1. Hey Laura, I found your blog the other night, 2am acutally, wasn't sleeping so thought I'd check my mail. I did write a lovely comment but just before posting it the laptop battery decided that IT was tired even if I wasn't and shut down!! What a waste of a perfectly good comment. So anyway, here I am again at a more respectable hour - plugged into the wall this time.
    Now for my godmotherly comment - is there time for uni in amongst the cooking???
    Love Viv