11 December 2007

Slings and Arrows

Just a quick post to say IT'S OVER...We just finished watching the season 3 final of Outrageous Fortune, there was so much drama that I got muscle cramp from being so tensely clenched. Loretta had a bairn and Van delivered it! Judd and Cheryl talked! Munter finally got out of prison in time for his wedding! Gary is Rita's son! And Wolf is still sinister!! How will we cope till season four starts?

Actual cooking tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Watched most of the final too - loved the birth scene! (Kinda put me off food for a while though)

  2. I believe 'Graham' is actually Gary!!!! Bummer that we have to wait for ages for the new season, it is totally the best nz show for a very long time! So funny and sharply written!

  3. You're right Linda - look what this show does to my brain. I have to say the words "hilarious" and "birth scene" don't always go together but there you go.