11 November 2007

Everybody Loves Cake

Last night Tim and I went to his friend's 21st party in Palmerston North. We had a fantastic time and ate and drank like lords. I thought that I would show you a picture of the staggeringly enormous birthday cake - it was about 2ft wide!

Above: As Wesley in the Princess Bride would say: "I have never seen its equal."

It took us forever to get back to Wellington on the bus, mostly because of the incompetent boobery of our driver. However my faith in bus drivers was restored when Tim and I, weary with carrying our heavy load and longing to get home, emerged from the railway station, hobbled across the road, and saw the bus that goes up to our flat about to take off in the distance. I ran towards it and waved it down and the driver actually stopped and let us on. The fact that buses that go up our way only come around once an hour on Sunday made this victory extra sweet.


  1. Ok, I'll admit to clicking refresh 2 times to get to be the 800th view..... Is there a prize?

  2. Does "my undying gratitude and a hug next time I see you" count? But seriously, woohoo! 800 views! They can't all be just you :)