Hi, I'm hungryandfrozen

I am lucky that my love of cooking has coincided with an amazing ability to just keep making up recipes. I say amazing because there's no point in being coy about it, besides, I'll also be the first person to point out my flaws to you. I started this blog in 2007. I love it. I want to be the Lorde, the Kanye, the One Direction of food bloggers, and I think I might just get there.

Some biographical facts about me: I grew up in a tiny rural village in a tiny rural area of New Zealand // I did ballet, tap, jazz, and other dance lessons for about fourteen years //  I can do the splits //  I wore a black ribbon in my hair for a week after Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls // I can't drive or ride a bike or rollerblade // I'm gay // I have two middle names and that makes me feel fancy // I have ludicrously vivid dreams // I love butter // I've met Mikhail Baryshnikov // I'm terrified of pelicans // at the age of 12 I was very obsessed with Linda Goodman // I have seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Practical Magic so many times that I could damn near perform them as a double-bill one woman play // I was born in April 1986.

My cookbook, Hungry and Frozen, is a real thing and it's published by Penguin. If I used an entire thesaurus I couldn't even start to describe accurately what a dream come true this is. It's available in New Zealand from all good bookstores that also sell my book. Internationally, you can buy it online here and here.