Contact Me

Email: Get hold of me at If you want to invite me to your event, proposition me with anything, ask me a question or generally shower me with your feelings, that's the best place to reach me. It sometimes takes me a while to get back to people, but I love hearing from you.
Twitter: @HungryandFrozen - follow me if you like, I love Twitter and loiter there a lot. If nothing else, I frequently crack myself up.
Facebook: Am a bit wary of Facebook, but as Prop Joe from The Wire says, "Look the part be the part" so I made a page for this blog. Here it is.
YouTube: For fun, and seeing as how I love talking about food just as much as writing about it, I've started making some video tutorials. They're really pretty terrible and I don't love them, so don't feel obliged to go sit through them just to get on my good side or anything.

I very, very rarely do guest posts or review products, but ask me anyway, just in case.