Recipe Index

The write to be shown on the left side

cinnamon sugar toast

avocado-stuffed burgers (gluten free)

avocado chocolate brownies(dairy free, gluten free) 

baked potato salad (vegan, gluten free)

poire belle helene

fish finger butty
rum n raisin ice cream (gluten free)

pasta salad with broccoli-pumpkin seed pesto (vegetarian)

bread and butter chicken

barbados cream

breakfast apple crumble

coffee caramel slice

sugar-cured grilled salmon
half-coq au vin

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salted chocolate cashew butter slice(vegan, gluten free)

smoky triple chocolate buckwheat cookies
homemade bounty bars(vegan, gluten free)

paneer, mango and cashew salad (vegetarian, gluten free)

green tea soba noodles with fried garlic
edamame and tahini satay sauce
(vegan, gluten free)

wasabi cauliflower cheese (vegetarian)

garlic miso butter risoni risotto(vegetarian)

roasted kumara with walnuts, feta, thyme and breadcrumbs (vegetarian)

cinnamon orange muffins

very easy coffee ice cream


apple cheese and mustard pie

blueberry muffins

cheese stars

tiny fried pickles
(vegetarian, dairy-free)

The write to be shown on the right side

tomato feta tart (vegetarian)

secret centre mini pavlovas
(dairy free, gluten free)

miso salmon with pea puree
fried eggplant and beefwith sumac and greek yoghurt

grilled eggplant rolls with eggplantpomegranate and mint (vegetarian)

white chocolate cranberry cookies

garnish salad

baked eggs with roasted tomatoes and chickpeas (gluten free, vegetarian)

strawberry shortcake
berry chia seed jam (vegan, gluten free)

chorizo wellingtons

lemonade pancakes with strawberry sauce

(vegetarian, gluten free)