17 October 2007

Pizza for two, roast veges for twelve...

Another vegetarian dinner for us, involving one of my very favourite things: melted cheese. I made a pizza base following a recipe from Nigella's How to Be a Domestic Goddess:

Above: The dough, rising on the stove - it is actually covered in glad-wrap but you can hardly see it!

While it was doing its thing, I chopped up parsnips, carrots, onions, and potatoes and roasted them with a little olive oil. I got Tim to grate some cheese (he will, without fail, obligingly do the two kitchen jobs I hate the most - grating cheese and peeling/washing potatoes) and I shmeered some tinned tomatoes onto the pizza base.

Above - the oven-ready pizza.

Okay, I have a confession to make - there was a LOT of cheese and while it tasted wonderful the photo of the baked pizza looks reeally oily in the photo. A bit like the Bobotie that I wrote about below - not very photogenic but tastes delicious. So, I'm making the executive decision to not post the picture...however, here are the roast veges, which didn't turn out so badly...

Above: Mmmm....okay so it's a lot for two but...Tim need his carbs?

Tim, Kieran and I went to Kaiwharawhara today to do some various jobs - Kieran to get his stereo fixed, and Tim and I went to Spotlight for some trouser lining and goldfish chow. While we were there I stopped in to a fruit and vege shop and got a big bunch of the most gloriously scarlet rhubarb which I can't wait to tinker with! Maybe tomorrow...

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