26 November 2007

Guinness Gracious Me

Another day, another disorganised camera drama. This one isn't on the scale of The Pork Debacle or the day the biscuit photos disappeared...but it is nonetheless a pain. This means I can't show you a photo of my new pride and joy, a large bottle of sherry - a present from Mum - which I am super excited about using, or all the cookbooks that Tim lugged back for me from home, which I also can't wait to try out, or - more's the pity - the finished Chocolate Guinness Cake, which deserves every bit of its capitalisation - it is enormous, dense, and dark, a king amongst cakes.

Don't fret though, as I do have some photos which I uploaded to the hard drive before leaving home. I organise with one hand, and disorganise with the other. And, as all you can do is step back in time, here are some things from the weekend, when I was still at home.

Above: The veges for the Tunisian vegetable stew from Nigella's Feast! Look at them all! I made this, and the Chocolate Guinness Cake also from Feast, to take along to a family party on Saturday. Tim helped me chop everything, otherwise it would have taken hours. I have often made the meatballs - just the other day we had them, in fact - and have made the vege stew before, but haven't had them together yet, as per Nigella's suggestion. Well, it is a fab combo, and great to take to potluck dinners. We didn't have any harissa, so I just added a bit more cumin to the mix, which didn't matter as there were going to be people of all ages eating this who might not like chilli!

Above: The meatballed stew in its toureen, with Feast in the background...never realised how useful those cookbook holders are for preventing your books from getting mucky - haven't seen one in shops for ages though! This stew is not only easy, it is delicious, very good for you, and adaptable as heck.

Above: Butter and Beer, together at last. Mine and Tim's favourite things, respectively... Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer asks Apu if he has any of that beer with candy floating in it, "You know, Skittlebrau?" Apu says Homer must have dreamt it. So Homer buys a dozen beer and a packet of skittles. By the way, the above picture is for the Chocolate Guinness cake. We could only find packs of 4x440ml cans and the cake needed a mere 250mls so Tim manfully dealt with the rest...

Above: This is the biggest one-tin cake I have ever made! I don't know what makes it so enormous - perhaps the Guinness bubbles?

Mum is posting me the usb cord for the camera, so you won't be able to see what the iced cake looks like till then. Let me tell you this though: It tasted intensely gooood. And, I suspect, it would taste even better the next day. Now, I'm off to work, which is a little jarring after a week of gallivanting and watching movies I'll admit...

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  1. Mmmmmmm *licks fingers noisily* Just finished the last of the Guinness cake. Well, the kitchen is tidier but the food is duller since you've gone. (Sounds like a title of a really bad country and western song). Your usb cable is in the mail (another song title?) along with some interesting packaging which will make you chuckle, no doubt. Mark used the remainder of the Moroccan dish to camouflage some saveloys (think dog roll) for his and Julian's dinner. I guess you could call it..... Moroccan roll haha.